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Aloha & Welcome!

My name is Jennifer and I'm the creator of HI Zone Sunshade.

Born & raised on the island of Maui, I learned how toxic chemical sunscreen was not just for myself and kids but our most precious resources.

I did my research and shortly started making my own natural and organic sunscreen. 

A Mom of four boys we spend most of our days in the sun at the beach. It's important knowing that our products we put on our skin is safe for all ages, our ocean and marine life. 

We come from a place like no other in this world! With over 90% of it's native species being endemic. It is our duty to protect it. For us and our future generations. From the mountains to the sea!

"Our place; our home" 

Mahalo for choosing HI Zone Sunshade!

Xo, Jenn-Jenn & Ohana 


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